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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (03/22/14)

Sure, you're watching the NCAA Tournament tonight. Break away for a few minutes--or better yet, comment while you watch basketball--to join Battle Red Blog's notorious Saturday Night Open Thread.

We need more 'Nuk around these parts.
We need more 'Nuk around these parts.

Was a bit of a busy week, wasn't it? What with all the Kendrick Lewis hubbub and all.

Oh, and your Houston Texans traded their starting quarterback of the past seven (7) years. I suppose that qualifies as a story, too.

With college basketball deservedly taking center stage this weekend, I invite you to lament your busted bracket, brag about your March Madness bona fides, talk about a Post-Schaub World, continue the eternal debate about who the Texans should draft, discuss seasonal beers, share Spring Break stories, and/or just generally discuss what's on your mind this evening. This is your weekly Saturday Night Open Thread. It's all fair game (within community guidelines, of course).

It's an open forum, so use your good judgment in what you post for public consumption. Have at it in the Comments.