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Marc Vandermeer Remembers Matt Schaub

Drew Dougherty talks to the Voice of the Texans about QB Matt Schaub's time in Houston and more in this 'Vandermeer's View'.

As the mourning and/or celebration of the Matt Schaub trade continues to reverberate through Texans nation, local Texans play-by-play announcer Marc Vandermeer takes us back through both the good and bad times of the Schaub era in this episode of 'Vandermeer's View".

WARNING: To those about to watch this video, be prepared for your hearts to be ripped out of your chests. Every "almost", "so close", and "could have been" is recapped in just four minutes to create possibly the most depressing collection of hypotheticals known to mankind. Even thinking about 2011 right now - with Mario Williams going on IR early, Andre Johnson missing a good chunk of the season, Matt Schaub's foot injury, Arian Foster's hammy, and even Brooks Freaking Reed inexplicably getting six sacks in five games - makes me physically ill with rage. That roster managed to win a playoff game with virtually no stars playing together for any sustained period of time in the entire season with T.J. YATES as quarterback. Can you imagine how good they would have been without the injuries? Without Jacoby Jones?

Ugh....I'm going to be sick.