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2014 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: It's Coming

We're a little more than a month out from the NFL Draft, so it's time for SB Nation's NFL sites to engage in their yearly mockery of the draft. Read on for more details, including but not limited to when the Texans' pick will be revealed, and chime in with who you think BRB should pick.

Should BRB draft Johnny Manziel?
Should BRB draft Johnny Manziel?

Longtime readers of Battle Red Blog know that about a month before the NFL Draft arrives, SB Nation's NFL team sites play the part of their respective team's decision-makers and conduct a two-round mock draft. Last year, BRB snagged DeAndre Hopkins (analysis here) and Brandon Williams (analysis here). In other words, we boasted an accuracy rating of 50%, which basically makes us the greatest mock drafters in the history of mankind.

Your Houston Texans have the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, which means BRB has the first pick of the 2014 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft. The pick will be published next week, and the stalwarts on the BRB ListServ have begun discussing just who we should pick for the Texans. As our mock draft does not feature trades, the Texans will be taking a player with that top pick.

Although we are in the midst of discussing who will be the lucky soul to be fake-drafted to the Texans, we're always eager to hear your thoughts on the matter. It's entirely possible that you--yes, you--could add a perspective, observation, or analysis we simply haven't considered. To that end, I ask you to let us know who you think BRB should draft on the Texans' behalf first overall in the 2014 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft in the Comments below, complete with your justification for the pick. We await your contribution with baited breath.