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2014 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Trying To Trade First Overall Pick?

Dan Pompei reporting the Texans are actively shopping 1.1 in the NFL draft, and they might have a partner.

Nobody will be dimple chin mesmerized on my watch.
Nobody will be dimple chin mesmerized on my watch.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's the Bleacher Report, so grain of salt and all that jazz, but in his report today, Dan Pompei claims the Texans have been actively shopping the first overall pick. A possible trade partner? The Buffalo Bills, and the excellent Brian Galliford at sister site Buffalo Rumblings has a take:

It is nonetheless interesting to consider the notion that the Bills want to move up at all - and that is where there may be a degree of truth to what Pompei is hearing. Buffalo has specific needs at tackle and for an elite pass-catcher, and there's a chance the top names won't make it down to the No. 9 overall pick. Pompei mentions Robinson and the two defenders (Clowney and Mack), but the more likely trade-up targets, in my opinion, are Sammy Watkins and possibly even Mike Evans.

I've mentioned several times I believe Greg Robinson is the true BPA in this draft, and it's a strong possibility he's off the board after St. Louis picks second. Moving up to first overall is the best bet if Robinson is Buffalo's target. My question is, though, how is this going to be pulled off?

According to the generally acknowledged NFL points system, the first overall pick is worth 3000 points. If the Bills were to trade us all three of their first picks in the 2014 NFL Draft, the points only add up to only 2065 points. But that's a net of two Day Two picks, which ain't nothing. On the other hand, would the Bills decimate the number of their Day Two selections to move up? Might players be involved? 2015 NFL Draft picks?

I'm not saying it's not realistic, but this one might be tough to pull off. I also believe without hesitation the Texans are shopping the pick because, heck, why wouldn't they? Why wouldn't you try to maximize your day? In addition, I don't see a trade being finalized until a day or two, at earliest, ahead of the draft for the same reasons.

For those of you on #TeamTradeBack, it's the day to pop the cork on your - well, not champagne - but maybe your Coors Light?