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2014 Houston Texans Free Agent Tracker: Texans Sign Safety Chris Clemons

The Houston Texans have signed a two year deal with former Miami Dolphins Safety Chris Clemons. Read on for the contract details.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The details of the contract are $2.7M with $450K guaranteed, and Clemons will count $1.15M against the 2014 cap for the Texans.

Your fears of Shiloh Keo returning to the starting lineup have very likely been neutralized with this exciting development.  How this will affect the current negotiations of the rumored restructuring of Danieal Manning's contract are also yet unknown.  We will keep a close eye on Keo and Manning now that the Texans have signed Clemons.

The Phinsider provided this:

"In training camp, Clemons was clearly the leader of the secondary, and most of the defense, calling out signals, and making sure everyone was in the correct positions."

Tania Ganguli shared this:

He wore the number 30 for the Dolphins.  That number on the Texans' roster is currently assigned to DB Steven Terrell.  I'm sure they will work out something.

Since it is Friday, and I haven't provided the daily Flying Keo yet, here you go!  Now BFD can sleep easy tonight.


What say you, BRB?  Excited about the Texans filling a need in free agency?