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2014 Houston Texans Offseason: Notes From Bill O'Brien's Town Hall Meeting

Texans head coach Bill O'Brien held a closed Q&A session with media and season ticket holders this afternoon. See what he had to say.

Joe Robbins

Deepi Sidhu and Drew Dougherty provided a slew of great insight from Bill O'Brien's closed doors Q&A today. Let us get right to the meat, shall we?

In particular, I found it interesting that O'Brien thinks that there is no slot receiver on the roster. That certainly spells trouble for Keshawn Martin, who was drafted specifically to fill that role. Perhaps my mock drafting of Jalen Saunders to be the Texans' slot receiver of the future was not so far off. I also think that O'Brien's prediction/proclamation of the defense being in nickel 70% of the time should be noted, considering that could play an important role in whether or not a nose tackle is drafted in May. If the team is content to let Jerrell Powe take those 30% of the snaps in base packages, perhaps a versatile defensive tackle/defensive end hybrid like DaQuan Jones or Kelcy Quarles that can play in both base and sub packages becomes even more important.

One final note: Keep an eye on Danieal Manning in free agency. If O'Brien truly believes that Manning could reunite with the team after testing the market, perhaps we might be one step closer to a Shiloh Keo-free world after all.