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2014 NFL Draft: NFL Network Crew Discusses Houston Texans Draft And Offseason Moves

Check out Willie McGinest, Rod Woodson, and Charley Casserly's unsettling hair color opine on what the Texans should do with the top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Grab your umbrellas...
Grab your umbrellas...
Kevin C. Cox

From the towering Willie McGinest all the way to Charley Casserly's awkward hair color, everyone's got an opinion on what the Texans should do with the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Casserly thinks the choice will be between Clowney and Blake Bortles. If it's Bortles, he thinks Ryan Fitzpatrick will start for at least a year while Bortles develops. However, he believes Clowney is the better prospect and would never ask him to do anything other than chase down quarterbacks. You'll recall that one of Casserly's final acts as GM of the Houston Texans was to draft Mario Williams over Vince Young or Reggie Bush.

Though he mentioned he'd rather go for need and take a quarterback, McGinest thinks that the combination of Romeo Crennel and Mike Vrabel at defensive coordinator and linebackers coach, respectively, will give Clowney a great chance to succeed alongside J.J. Watt. He also noted that Crennel will switch from a 4-3 front to 3-4 and back again from week to week depending on the opponent.

Shaun O'Hara leans more towards Clowney as well, noting that J.J. Watt would make an excellent mentor for him. He also feared the Texans would regret letting Clowney fall into Jaguars' lap at 3rd overall.

Rod Woodson also said things.

If you've been an avid follower of Battle Red Blog, all of this isn't new to you. We've discussed just about every possibility, but feel free to use this post as a springboard into another conversation about what your Houston Texans should do with the first overall pick.

Cheer up! The draft is only...

... away!

Happy Friday.