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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper's Latest Mock Has Jadeveon Clowney to Houston Texans, But Look Who's The Second Round Pick

Mel Kiper's latest mock draft is out. A usual suspect sits at the top, but there's a surprise waiting for the Texans in at the top of the second round.

There's a familiar face to Texans mock drafters.
There's a familiar face to Texans mock drafters.
Streeter Lecka

Mel Kiper has released his newest mock draft. Here's who he has coming to Houston and why.

1st Round: Jadeveon Clowney

Analysis: I'm certain the debate about which player to take still exists, and whether the pick could be moved. I still think this could be a quarterback. But I believe that while more than one "safe" pick exists in this draft, it's hard to play it safer in terms of upside than selecting a generational physical talent, a guy who has exceptional physical skills and the ability to bring immediate impact and create consistent matchup problems up front as teams deal with the reality of how to block both Clowney and J.J. Watt. The questions on Clowney still aren't enough to diminish the potential impact. He's the top prospect in a draft full of very good ones, and I think Houston will feel the same.

Nothing to see here. Just the usual "Clowney Is The Man" talky-talk. Wait a second. What the-

2nd Round: Teddy Bridgewater

Analysis: Let me be clear: This is the top-rated quarterback on my Big Board, a player I have rated higher than Bortles, Manziel or Carr. But my reading of the tea leaves in speaking with many evaluators around the league is that Bridgewater could drop if he slides past a couple of points early on. If I could project trades, I'd have someone taking him later in Round 1 having moved up. Obviously, he's a steal at this point.

Ughhh, I'm at a loss for words.

What are your thoughts, BRBers?