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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (04/19/14)

Only 19 more days until the NFL Draft, as of this writing. Including this one, there are only three more S.N.O.T.s until then. I tend to use S.N.O.T.s as a measure of time (e.g., "I'll be in Vegas for three S.N.O.T.s"). Anyway... it's BRB's Saturday Night Open Thread!

Mosquito season is here in Houston. Keep plenty of spray and shotgun shells ready.
Mosquito season is here in Houston. Keep plenty of spray and shotgun shells ready.
Andrew Redington

Howdy and welcome to Be Right Back Battle Red Blog.

How are your football-free weekends going? Do you find yourself to be more productive? Have you finally noticed your spouse's new hairdo? Is the butt-groove of your man cave's couch losing its shape?

The Houston Rockets are in the playoffs again, and they start their series against the Portland Trail Blazers tomorrow. Can they win? Playoff time is when I finally start to get into pro basketball and shamelessly bandwagon the Rockets if they're in the tourney. Like approximately 60% of Houston, I don't have Comcast and couldn't watch them regularly during the season, so even if I were a hardcore fan, I'd be out of luck.

New to Battle Red Blog?

Same thing with the Astros. Even though they're already in contention for worst team in the league, I'd still like to watch and decide for myself how interested I'd be in that. Watching George Springer's debut sure would have been swell. How many 0.0 TV ratings can Jim Crane stomach before ending this madness?

If you're a newbie to Battle Red Blog, we'd love it if you made an account and introduced yourself to us down in the comments. Recs shall be freely given away like condoms at a health clinic in a college town.

Feel free to discuss this or any other topic (within the community guidelines) you wish on this gorgeous Saturday night. Pass the mosquito spray, though.