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Report: 2014 NFL Schedule To Be Released 'Mid-April'

Brace yourselves, the 2014 season schedule is coming. Read on and find out when we might get to start throwing tantrums about the Texans not getting any primetime games.

Allison Joyce

In an e-mail to NBC’s ProFootballTalk, league spokesman Greg Aiello said that the NFL is aiming for their normal target window of the middle of April, which as CBS details will likely be between April 11th and April 20th, to release the 2014 NFL schedule.

In five of the past seven years, the schedule was released on a Tuesday (2008-12). In the two years where the schedule wasn't released on a Tuesday, it was released on a Thursday (2013) and a Wednesday (2007).

Based on Aiello's email, the schedule will likely come out sometime between Tuesday, April 15 and Thursday, April 24.

While the entire 2014 schedule is still a mystery, we do know the Texans’ opponents for the coming season:

Home Games




Ravens (annual tradition at this point)


Bills (Mario Williams Bowl Part Deux)

Eagles (without DeSean Jackson)

Redskins (eith DeSean Jackson)

Away Games

Colts (pencil that in for a loss)






Cowboys (too much Texas under one roof)


Houston had a heavy allotment of prime time games in 2013 after two successful-ish seasons in a row.  After the 2-14 disaster last year, I would be willing to bet that number decreases.

I’ll tell you what though, if Teddy Bridgewater is taken first overall, I would kill to see him go toe-to-toe with Andrew Luck on a Sunday Night. Hell, even if Khalil Mack or Jadeveon Clowney is taken first overall, I would still love to watch Luck get the crap beat out of him by the Bulls on Parade in front of a national audience.

Do it, NBC. You know you want to.