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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (04/26/14)

Get your typing gloves ready; it's Saturday Night!

Why Rocky V? Why?
Why Rocky V? Why?
Martin Rose

Here's a depressing thought: if the NFL Draft were taking place at its normally scheduled date, we'd be wrapping up Day 3 while cheerfully celebrating the Texans' draft haul. Instead, we have [checks the ever-present countdown] 12 days to go. Ah, well, let's talk about something else.

Has anyone upgraded their console of choice to the next generation? I'm still going strong with the Darryl Sharpton-like Xbox 360 and don't plan on upgrading til the holidays, at least. Madden and Dark Souls II should keep me busy for quite awhile.

Is Highway to the Dangerzone by Kenny Loggins or Eye of the Tiger by Survivor the most iconic movie music in world history? Have a look and decide for yourself.

Also, what in the world is this dude doing?

Feel free to discuss this or anything else that's on your mind tonight.