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2014 BRB Mock Draft: Fittingly, The Steelers Have Failed Us

The person who was responsible for making Pittsburgh's first round pick in the 2014 Battle Red Blog Mock Draft has fallen down on the job. If you were ever interested in pretending to be Kevin Colbert, here's your chance.

The BRB version of this guy is so fired.
The BRB version of this guy is so fired.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

I'm not sure what it is about AFC North teams, but the Baltimore Ravens now have company on the Persona Non Grata list here at Battle Red City Music Hall. Steel Blue Crew was supposed to send me a pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers and has not done so. Although I'm irritated he failed to meet his obligations here, I realize it's possible something infinitely more important prevented him from keeping up his end of the bargain. Consequently, I'm not going to flip out.

While I initially said a missed pick would result in the BRB community voting on a player in a poll, there were quite a few people who expressed an interest in GMing a team this year who didn't get the chance to do so; thus, I've changed my mind.

The first person to e-mail me--not just leave a comment to this post--with a legitimate pick and solid explanation for said pick on the Steelers' behalf shall live forever in BRB lore. If you're so inclined, I would be much obliged so we can get this mock draft finished.