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Matt Schaub: Still Classy, Wants To Beat The Texans In 2014

Despite being traded to the Oakland Raiders, Matt Schaub did not cancel a local benefit gala hosted by his foundation. Read on to see what he had to say about it and facing his former team this year.

It's hard to remember the good times like this one...
It's hard to remember the good times like this one...
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

At a gala for his and his wife's charity, Matt Schaub showed a great deal of class towards the city of Houston but still had some fightin' words for his former team. Even though he's no longer part of the Houston Texans, the pair decided not to cancel their 4th annual Gr8 Hope Gala because...

"It’s very important to Laurie and I to still host this event and still carry on our charity and do what we can for Texas Children’s Hospital. What we’re doing here goes well beyond the football field. It’s about helping the kids that walk through those doors … and to just give them the resource and the opportunity to get the best care in a timely manner."

Even though much of the fanbase lost faith in him? Even after the 14 losses in a row? The boos? The suffocating humidity?

"It was a great seven years. There’s no hard feelings involved whatsoever, We started our family here and we raised our family. … It’s just a great town and a great community with great families. We’re very appreciative of all the support that we’ve received."

OK, that's pretty cool of him. I don't think anyone would have blamed him if he never wanted to step foot in Houston again. A man less bound by the parameters of classiness might have uprooted himself completely from such a crazy, sometimes hostile situation. Or maybe it was too late to get their deposit back. Who knows?

Either way, Schaub is looking forward to some gridiron vengeance when his Oakland Raiders host the Houston Texans.

"Anyone in this business that changes teams, whenever you face that former team, you get a little extra juice for it."

The Texans are 5-3 against the Raiders all-time, but have lost the last two... one of which was thanks to... ugh, I don't want to write the words, but if you're a football masochist, click here.

See you on the football field, Matt.

If you want to know more about Matt and Laurie's foundation, you can read more about it here.