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2014 NFL Draft Results: Houston Texans Take Jay Prosch In Sixth Round With Pick No. 177

Welcome to the group, Jay Prosch. The Houston Texans have added another piece to the puzzle in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Jay Prosch, the Human Dr. Pepper Machine
Jay Prosch, the Human Dr. Pepper Machine
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

With their final pick in the sixth round, the Texans picked up fullback Jay Prosch out of Auburn..

It's a slight reach for Prosch, but O'Brien has been looking for a fullback to give Arian Foster, and now Alfred Blue an extra bit of punch at the line of scrimmage.

Here's a look at what Prosch offers the team as a fullback from

STRENGTHS Exceptional weight-room strength. Outstanding peripheral blocking vision -- scans wide and locates. Generates power through his lower body and drives defenders out of the hole. Very good hip roll and explosion. Runs his feet on contact. Intense, determined competitor. Good finisher. Is fairly light on his feet for such a big, strong player. Can create a surge in short-yardage situations and power through the line. Catches the ball easily. Core special-teams performer. Outstanding personal and football character -- highly respected team leader. Versatility is a big plus. Very durable.

WEAKNESSES Robotic, overly muscled, tightly wound mover. Has very short arms and struggles to lock on and sustain on the move. Marginal elusiveness -- gears down to cut. Unsudden route-runner. Limited receiving production/touches.

I rather like this pick, and it goes back to the whole focus that Bill O'Brien is emphasizing on winning the battle at the line of scrimmage.  Prosch will get those extra yards up the middle; as a bonus, he should factor in as a special teams contributor next year.  Then again, the fact that he won't be coached by Joe Marciano on special teams already makes him an improvement on that unit.

While I like this pick, I still think it could have gone to a bigger need like slot receiver or to a right tackle that isn't comprised solely of light.

I'm looking at you, Derek Newton.

So what do you think of the pick?  Make your thoughts known here.