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2014 NFL Draft: Grade The Houston Texans' Draft Class

The draft is over so you know what that means... DRAFT GRADES. Come voice your opinion in our poll and let us know why you feel the way you do about the Texans' 2014 draft class.

Bob Levey

The way the NFL draft coverage works is fairly simple: bowl season implants the names of top prospects into our brains, the Senior Bowl gives those who have something to prove a chance to prove it, mock drafts get jammed down our throats, the Combine allows us to watch them run around in panties, then more mock drafts, pro days, more mock drafts, never ending speculation and connections, final mock drafts, the actual draft, and then, finally and yet totally prematurely, draft grades.

Now that the draft has come and gone like a three day blizzard, we are left to evaluate who the Texans took and then to hand out the almighty draft grades. The Texans came out with the following haul in 2014:

Drafted Players

Round Pick Position Player College
(1) 1 DE Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina
(2) 33 G Xavier Su'a-Filo UCLA
(3) 65 TE C.J. Fiedorowicz Iowa
(3) 83 DT Louis Nix III Notre Dame
(4) 135 QB Tom Savage Pittsburgh
(6) 177 DE Jeoffrey Pagan Alabama
(6) 181 RB Alfred Blue LSU
(6) 211 FB Jay Prosch Auburn
(7) 216 CB Andre Hal Vanderbilt
(7) 256 S Lonnie Ballentine Memphis

Undrafted Free Agents




K Chris Boswell Rice
OG Kevin Forsch Houston
OT Bryan Witzmann South Dakota State
OT Chris Martin Central Florida
OT Matt Feile Bloomsburg
WR Travis Labhart Texas A&M
WR Anthony McClung Cincinnati
TE Anthony Denham Utah
TE Chris Coyle Arizona State
LB Chris McAlister Baylor
LB Terrance Lloyd Baylor
LB Chris Young Arizona State
LB Max Bullough Michigan State
LB Jason Ankrah Nebraska
DT Sullivan Grosz Cal Poly State
DT Tyrone Ezell Pittsburgh
DT Leon Minto Johnson C. Smith
DT Austin Brown Ohio
Marcus Williams North Dakota State

So now I ask you, loyal reader, what grade do you give the Houston Texans front office for their picks made this draft?

Also leave your reasons why you have this opinion in the comments below.