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Happy Mother's Day From Battle Red Blog

Forget about the NFL Draft. Your mother's a saint. Buy her a nice seafood dinner and celebrate her today.

It's like being in a cave.  In Louisville, Kentucky.
It's like being in a cave. In Louisville, Kentucky.
Andy Lyons

On this, the morning after the 2014 NFL Draft, a lesser website would do nothing but talk about the 2014 NFL Draft and analyze the Houston Texans' latest additions.

Here at Battle Red Blog, however, we're all about honoring the women who birthed us. If your mom's around, please let her know exactly how grateful you are that she put up with you. If you have the privilege of being around anyone who's a mother, please let her/them know how amazing she/they are for doing what she/they do/does. As The Notorious A.J. once rapped, motherin' ain't easy.

To all the ladies who have dealt with birthing and/or raising a child, rest assured that BRB recognizes you as the paragon of excellence that you are. Reminisce about your sainted mother in the Comments below.