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Five Questions With Roll 'Bama Roll - Jeoffrey Pagan

In the next installment of our "Five Questions" series, SB Nation's University of Alabama blog, Roll 'Bama Roll, gives us the rundown on what to expect from Texans' sixth round pick Jeoffrey Pagan.

Sean Gardner

Like the vast majority of football fans, I have absolutely no idea who most "day three" NFL draft picks are, let alone what to make of them as prospects. There are simply too many names and not enough time to watch them all. Lucky for me, I don’t have to watch them as long as there are college blogs out there who have already done it for three years. Cue Roll 'Bama Roll writer J Tadpole, who was kind enough to clue me in on the newest Texans defensive end, Jeoffrey Pagan.

1. I think I speak for most Texans fans when I say that I've never watched Pagan play before. What is his greatest strength?

Pagan is your classic two-gap immovable object who excels as a roadblock against the run. You basically never see him moved off the football. He has also been revered for his work ethic- was a 180-pound WR coming into his sophomore year of high school then put on 100 pounds to rate as a four-star DE at graduation.

2. What is Pagan's greatest weakness?

While he showed flashes as a pass rusher, he isn't terribly explosive off the ball.

3. What can we expect off the field from Pagan?

During his time at Alabama, you basically heard nothing about Jeoffrey off the field, which is obviously a good thing, He wasn't interviewed often, but came across humble and thoughtful in his responses when he was.

4. Pagan decided to leave after his junior season despite not being seen as a "top-tier" prospect. Can you provide any insight into that decision? Was this a money-making move, or was he feeling threatened by the never-ending stream of five star prospects rolling into Bama these days?

With the rookie wage scale, I think more and more guys will come out early. Reality is that another year wouldn't turn Jeoffrey into an elite pass rusher, which obviously limits his upside in today's NFL. The injury risk probably simply wasn't worth the potential reward. He blew his knee out in high school, which reportedly played into the decision.

5. How would you grade the selection of Jeoffrey Pagan at 177th overall?

It seems that most had him graded in the 5th to 6th round. He should be able to develop into a solid rotation player inside, which would certainly make him a solid value pick. You could do worse than a good-to-very good run stuffer at that spot. I think you will be pleased with him.

Thanks again to J Tadpole for stopping by. If Pagan’s run-stopping, pocket-pushing potential gets realized at the next level any time soon, Texans fans could be in for one hell of a front seven for the next few years. Tom Savage or no Tom Savage, that’s something I’ll show up to watch every week.