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Houston Texans Roster Moves: Two Players Signed, Six Players Waived

The Texans won't let all the Andre Johnson hub bub keep them from making moves. See which two players have been signed and which six players were released by the Texans today.

Quick, someone make a "funny Ballentine" joke.
Quick, someone make a "funny Ballentine" joke.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We interrupt our ongoing coverage of the Andre Johnson saga to bring you some roster news from your Houston Texans.

First, it appears the Texans have already signed two (2) of the players they drafted just a few days ago:

That was quick, wasn't it? On the other end of the spectrum, the Texans also cut six (6) players this afternoon:

Texans waived RB Ray Graham, TE Phillip Supernaw, RB Chad Spann, WR Rico Richardson, CB Loyce Means, and S Steven Terrell.

Impacts: Graham was signed as a priority undrafted free agent by Gary Kubiak's Texans last April before getting the ax in late August and landing on the practice squad. He rushed for eight yards on four carries as a rookie. Graham should be able to latch on with a team this summer. Supernaw made one appearance in 2013.

Best wishes to those gentlemen as they look to continue their professional football careers.  Kudos to the first person who can figure out a logical way to tie Andre Johnson's unhappiness into these transactions.