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Houston Texans Sign CB Andre Hal and QB Tom Savage

The Texans continue signing their 2014 draft class as Vanderbilt cornerback Andre Hal and Pittsburgh quarterback Tom Savage agree to terms. Read on for the details of both of their rookie deals.

Is this the man who will take Brandon Harris' job in Houston?
Is this the man who will take Brandon Harris' job in Houston?
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, your Houston Texans signed two of the ten players they selected in the 2014 NFL Draft. Today, they signed the third and fourth players from that draft class.

Per the Chronicle, Savage's contract is a four-year deal worth $2.52 million dollars with a $300,584 signing bonus.

I recognize that it's odd and almost certainly foolish to get excited about a seventh round pick, but I'm excited about Andre Hal. As our TexansDC and Brett Kollmann have noted, there's reason to believe Hal could be a steal for the Texans.

In a similar vein, the big-armed Tom Savage could end up being quite the steal himself if Bill O'Brien has anything to say about it. If O'Brien can work the same magic on Savage that he did on Matt McGloin, Houston might be able to get back to having a potent offense sooner rather than later. That said, I'm definitely more bullish on Hal as a possible solution than I am Savage. Are you as optimistic as I am that the Texans may have found themselves a legitimate contributor on the third day of the draft?