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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (05/17/14)

After a one week draft-related hiatus, S.N.O.T. returns with a nerd-rage vengeance!

Cool off, champ.
Cool off, champ.
Scott Halleran

Another fine Saturday is in the books as we officially enter the "off" offseason for your Houston Texans. After mini-camps and OTA's wrap up, there won't be much news to speak of, but Battle Red Blog will be here to sate your hunger for all things Texans. On Saturdays though, faux-anarchy reigns supreme and we can talk about almost anything we want.

Have you seen the video of this heroic cat saving a small boy from a dog attack? You really need to. I saw someone put a .gif version of it in the Comments and I had to find out where it came from. It's only been up a few days and it already has almost 20 million views. I could watch that cat torpedo the dog all day. Perhaps I was too quick to judge dogs as "the superior household pet" in a previous S.N.O.T. Or maybe the cat was a dog in a previous life.

Any fans of The Black Keys? I saw them on Colbert the other night playing a song from their new album. It's definitely a departure from their previous work, but those guys are pure talent.

Also, you need to see this 'shop work by Capt. Ron. Brilliant as always. Be sure to give him a follow and put him in your Myspace Top 8 if you deem him worthy.

That's all from me. The floor is yours to talk of many things:

Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--

Of cabbages--and kings--

And why the sea is boiling hot--

And whether pigs have wings.

Don't forget the NBA and NHL playoffs

and maybe some MMA and boxings?