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Bleach Social: Where Are You Watching The First Round Of The 2014 NFL Draft?

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Let's hit pause on the talk about what the Texans will do with the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Instead, let's talk about you. What are your plans for catching the first round on Thursday night?

That picture's worth a thousand mock drafts.
That picture's worth a thousand mock drafts.

It's a Friday afternoon, and I've had my fill of trying to figure out what your Houston Texans will do with the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Consequently, I shall shift the focus ever so slightly to another draft topic. Namely, what are your plans for watching the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft on Thursday (May 8th) night?

Will you be at the team's official draft party at Reliant NRG Stadium, reacting with glee or disgust to the news of what Houston does with that precious first pick?

Will you be at home, sewing machine or duct tape within reach, ready to craft a homemade jersey with the surname of the newest Houston Texan?

Will you be at a friend's house, doing your best not to play the part of Cameron Frye in this iconic scene when the Texans pass on Teddy Bridgewater?

Spoiler Alert: Yes, that will be me.

Will you be at a bar, saloon, tavern, speakeasy, or pub, taking a shot every time an analyst talks about the series of events that transpired to turn a 12-4 Houston Texans team in 2012 into a 2-14 team in 2013?

Whatever your plans, let us know in the Comments. If you're still trying to figure out what you're going to do, or if you'll be a stranger in a strange land looking for somewhere to watch the draft on Thursday night, pose any queries here; someone might have a suggestion for you. Similarly, if you've got a worthy spot staked out somewhere and want to clue fellow Texans fans in to it, please divulge that information in the Comments as well.