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The Definitive Case Keenum Highlight Reel... Isn't All That Flattering For Case Keenum

Because I love these videos and there's not much else to talk about, let's take a look at the entirety of Case Keenum's NFL highlights.

There's not much to say that hasn't been said already about Case Keenum and his improbable rise to NFL starter. Many of the highlights you see above are more credit to Andre Johnson, but dangit, they're fun to look at nonetheless.

Local radio host and NFL pundit Jayson Braddock released his "way too early" projection for the Texans' 53-man roster. Surprising to some, he has Case Keenum under "Cuts." How crazy is that?

Actually, not that crazy. Despite all the flashy plays you see in the video above, Keenum's weaknesses as a quarterback are lengthy and hard to fix. As much energy as he briefly injected into a dismal season, Keenum could not stay "on schedule" as a quarterback. His improvisation and toughness alone couldn't overcome his lack of vision, patience and awareness in the pocket, along some poor decision-making. You'll notice that the amount of highlights per game dropped considerably halfway through the video.

So is it T.J. Yates as the backup then? Or will Bill O'Brien opt to roll with just Ryan Fitzpatrick and rookie Tom Savage? That's a cringe-inducing situation to be in, for sure. Yates showed more of an ability to work within a system back in 2011 but never showed any upside in arm strength or accuracy. We'll never forget him for this drive, though.

We'll just have to wait and see. Leave your thoughts on Keenum vs Yates and enjoy the video for what it's worth: 8 minutes of mindless fun.