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You, Too, Can Own This Important Piece Of Houston Texans Merchandise

It's May and that means Christmas is right around the corner. Woe to the Texans fan who doesn't have this hot item on his or her Christmas list.

Johnny Ugly Sweater image by James Dator

Yesterday, David Roth of SBNation showed us a new angle to NFL merchandising headlined by Forever Collectible's NFL Ugly Sweater collectionRoth's article included a sweet photoshop of Johnny Manziel walking up to the podium on draft day donning his new team's iteration.

So naturally, I took a gander and present to you the Houston Texans' OFFICIAL Ugly Sweater.


Impressive, no?

If perhaps you prefer your ugly sweater to be a bit more low-key, Forever Collectibles has a much more toned down version, as you can see below:


So hurry over to Clark Toys and pre-order one for all of your in-laws, rivals at work, and annoying, hipster friends because these are going to go fast. There aren't enough sweatshops in the world to keep up with the demand that they will surely create.

Leave your thoughts on 2014's hottest holiday item below. Happy Wednesday.