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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (05/24/14)

Get your shirt pressed, bust out the good cologne and comb over that bald spot because it's another installment of the Saturday Night Open Thread.

Patrick Smith

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hopefully you're having a good one. Stop on over to trutxfan's post and hopefully gain a little knowledge for this weekend's barbecue shenanigans.

What to talk about in the meantime? Comicpalooza is in full swing this weekend over at George R. Brown Convention Center. It's a good bet that Brennan Williams, the Texans' third-round pick in 2013, will be there. Actually, I just looked at his Twitter and he is indeed there.

Williams is about as nerdy as it gets with interests in Japanese anime, professional wrestling and live action role play (LARP). Can you imagine a man of his size dressed in faux armor coming at you slinging painted nerf balls and a rubber sword?

If you didn't know, SBNation is owned my Vox Media. is actually a pretty cool blog-style news site talking about the most current of events. If you can't stomach the major news outlets, I recommend it. /nopolitics

How excited are you about the upcoming World Cup in Brazil? Disappointed that longtime hero Landon Donovan will be left off the roster? I can't get into club soccer at all, but I go full Colbert-style patriot when the international tournaments start. USA all the way. If you need some America fuel, watch this.

That's it from me. It's open mic night and the crowd is feeling especially ornery tonight. Best of luck and happy Saturday.