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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (05/03/14)

Because what else do normal, well-adjusted individuals do on Saturday nights?

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

If you noticed an uptick in aggressive driving and less-than-courteous customer service during your travels today, it's probably because the local basketball team lost in an especially painful manner last night. Yes, the Houston Rockets were eliminated by the Portland Trailblazers 99-98 on a brilliant last-second three-pointer by one Damien Lillard. So ask yourself, "Have I hugged a Rockets fan today?"

There are some hard luck sports cities out there, and probably a few more desperate than Houston, but I'd wager that we're in the Top 5 somewhere. Misery and anguish are the norm for our sports franchises around these parts, but such is life. The Sports Gods have given us this burden to carry, and carry it we shall. Maybe I'm being melodramatic?

In other news, crawfish season is in full swing and I'd say that I've got about 12 pounds put away already with many more to come. What are the best spots around town?

In boxing news, some guy named Lloyd Moneyweather is fighting today. I hear he's pretty good!

The ring is yours, readers, so come out swinging, protect yourself at all times and keep it above the belt. Happy Saturday.