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BRB's Photoshop Contest III: T.J. Yates Celebrating... Something

T.J. Yates apparently impressed himself enough to strike this strange pose, and it's the subject of our third-ever Photoshop contest.

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Howdy. OTAs are over and mandatory camps are up next. In the meantime, we can amuse ourselves and sharpen our photo-editing skills with the third installment of BRB's Photoshop contest.

Here's T.J. Yates looking pretty proud of himself at OTAs for whatever reason:


Who knows what he did, but here's a handy cut-out for you to use, thanks to Dunsmore.


The Prize:

  • The undying respect of your peers.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you probably made several people laugh.
  • Fifteen paragraphs written on the subject of your choice, courtesy of OneManBlitz.

Go go go!

No Photoshop? No problem. I used Pixlr editor, which should be available to use online with no download.

I started you off with three of my own creations. Add yours down below and the better submissions will be added to the gallery above. Have fun.

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