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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (05/31/14)

Have you hugged a puppy today? This and other hard-hitting questions in this week's Saturday Night Open Thread.

Feng Li

Sup, y'all? Hope you people had a pleasant Saturday.

Have you attended or planning to attend Free Press Summerfest? It's going on right now until tomorrow over at Eleanor Tinsley Park. It's featuring all the best bands you've never heard of like, uh... Rebelution. Now's your chance to become a fan so you can resent them for selling out to the corporations later.

THIS POST IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY [ your company's name here ]

What are your thoughts on tipping? How much do you tip a pizza delivery guy? Your server? You manicurist? Your psychic?

What are your thoughts on the picture above, BRB? Perhaps he has a laxative effect.

Speaking of laxatives, the video "Gangnam Style" has reached a mind-boggling TWO BILLION views on YouTube. After reading the news, I decided to watch it for the first time, and then couldn't resist watching it again. It's random as hell and makes me chuckle. Plus there are pretty Korean ladies in it. Will you watch it... again?

Feel free to discuss any or none of these topics below. Happy Saturday.