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2014 NFL Draft: Predict The Texans' Pick With BFD

Dare to match wits with bfd? Now's your chance to Predict the Pick with him.

"bfd is this long.  This is not a smokescreen."
"bfd is this long. This is not a smokescreen."
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After eleventy billion days (or so) of rumormongering, smokescreening, and lying season, the draft is finally, exhaustively upon us.  Finally.  Every dead horse has been beaten.  Repeatedly.  We all have our faves, mancrushes, hurls, and mehs.  There's also Logan Thomas.

But do you dare to match wits with little ol' moi for the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft?

Allow me to allow myself to introduce the BRB Travis Johnson Memorial League on's Predict the Pick.  Why is it named after Travis Johnson?  Why wouldn't it be?

League Name: BRB Travis Johnson Memorial League

Password: ilovebfd

Because of course you do.

Sometime next week after the draft, I'll announce the grand winner of the contest, so they can receive the prize of their dreams.^

Come one, come all, and set up your drafts.  It's sure to be a blast.  Or something!  I've been wanting to start a shadow draft for years, a la Rivers McCown, but it ain't gonna happen this year.  Plus, I need more words to make the word count go green.  There it goes.

^Probably sexting from me.