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Battle Red Radio: Five Months On The Clock

After five months of waiting, the NFL Draft is finally here. Put down the mock drafts, the "expert" analysis, and stay awhile to listen to Matt Weston, and BFD.

The braintrust.
The braintrust.
Scott Halleran

At 7 pm CST BRB's own Matt Weston and Big Fat Drunk discuss the 2014 NFL Draft and your Houston Texans. Topics may include the fall of Teddy Bridgewater, what would you do if the Texans took Johnny Football, the freakish Jadeveon Clowney, and who the Texans will take Thursday night.

The drill will be the same as the prior weeks. Leave whatever questions you have in the comments and we will answer them at some point during the show. Whether you listen or not, all questions are welcome, and we are extremely grateful for whatever you throw at us.

If you have any feedback leave it in the comments. We greatly appreciate it because we want the show to be as stupendous as possible for y'all and the only way to get better is to know what we need to improve on.

Here is the embedded player:

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Thanks for listening and enjoy the show while you do whatever it is that you do.