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2014 NFL Draft: Interviews With Teddy Bridgewater's Family And Friends, Plus He Shows His Word Is Strong As Oak

Teddy Bridgewater is the type of QB who can be the face of an NFL franchise. Here's the video proof.

Teddy and Rose.
Teddy and Rose.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking as a totally neutral, wholly objective observer of the human condition, the only way the video below could be any better is if it prominently featured my dog running around and my kids laughing while "The Eyes of Texas" played in the background.

The video does contain interviews with Teddy Bridgewater, his mother, his brother, his sister, other family members, his high school football coach, his high school principal, Robin Roberts, and Spike Lee; it's a truly heartwarming tale. I strongly recommend you watch this, if only to catch a glimpse at the depths of my despair should Theodore Bridgewater play for any NFL team besides the Houston Texans.

Will Thursday night see me hysterically recreating Terrell Owens' "That's my quarterback" breakdown should Bridgewater be drafted by another team? Sources close to me say yes.

But it's draft season, so that report could just be a smokescreen to hide my true intentions of watching "What Dreams May Come" on Thursday night and having a good cry for that reason instead.