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Houston Texans News: Bill O'Brien Press Conference

Texans' Head Coach Bill O'Brien met with the media after Tuesday's voluntary mini-camp, and cleared up any confusion about being a lobbyist.

"Lobbying?  NO!"
"Lobbying? NO!"
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We have just two days before the 2014 NFL Draft, and the Texans took the practice field for a voluntary mini-camp to start preparing for the new systems being installed.  Afterward, new Texans head coach Bill O'Brien met with the media to answer questions, a few of which were pretty unusual.

The Mothership has the complete video clips available in PART I and PART II.

Here are some interesting highlights from the press conference:

Reporter; "How pleased are you in the way they've adapted to what you want in your system?"

O'Brien; "You know, again, these guys are professional football players.  From the first day we told them every year is different.  Every year in the NFL there's change.  There's different players, there's different coaches.  Part of being an NFL football player, and an NFL coach, is to be able to adapt to change; and I think these guys have adapted well to this point.

Reporter; "How important is it to get this [practice] in since you're gonna have rookies later on after the draft?"

O'Brien; "Sure, you know, we want the vets to be able to take a leadership role when the rookies get here.  I think it's definitely important to have these practices with these guys that have played in the pros for a little bit; then when the rookies get here they just get in line, keep their mouths shut and follow the lead."

Reporter; "This close to the draft, are you doing any lobbying about which positions you'd like to see addressed?"

O'Brien; "Heh heh, lobbying?!!  What is this, like Washington D.C.?  Send a lobbyist to Capital Hill?  [pregnant and awkward pause]  NO!"

Reporter; "Is there anything you see out here in three days that in any way influences the draft?"

O'Brien; "You know, I think you do come out here and you definitely evaluate every position.  You evaluate obviously the individual player, and then you evaluate the depth at that position.  You know, the majority of our 2014 team, based on the draft and how many rookies are going to make the team, the majority of the team is here on the field."

I think BoB is going to make press conferences so much more entertaining than any we experienced with previous head coaches.  What do you think?