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2014 NFL Draft: Your Houston Texans Have Less Than 11 Hours Remaining On The Clock

Join us in one more bout of mindless banter as we patiently await the countdown timer to reach zero. The NFL Draft is upon us! Finally!

Face, meet shoulder.
Face, meet shoulder.
Bob Levey

The Soundtrack

Feel free to play this over and over, for the next 11 hours or so until the draft begins.

It was a long journey, a journey that some of you have made many, many times before, but I'd wager that this has been the longest, hardest journey of them all. This new era of the 365 day news cycle for the NFL demands that draft coverage be extended as along as possible. If next year's draft is moved back to where it normally was, I'll be legiterally shocked. We lost some people along the way (RIP in peace, BtG), but we made it.

If you were smart enough to hibernate-- or perhaps pick up other hobbies and interests after the Super Bowl-- check out Battle Red Blog's coverage of everything you've missed up to this point below:

NFL Draft

From Teddy Bridgewater's rise and fall, to Johnny Football Mania, to who the hell is Blake Bortles-- we covered as much of the draft craziness as humanly possible.

Free Agency

The Texans were stingy in free agency this year, and for good reason. The cap situation is tight, but manageable with some major contract extensions looming. Check out the arrivals and departures here.

Coaching Changes

There's only one member of the Gary Kubiak coaching staff that survived the "Battle Red Wedding" courtesy of Bill O'Brien. Romeo Crennel, Mike Vrabel, and the craziest strength and conditioning coach you've ever heard of join the crew.

Film Review

We reviewed the disaster that was the 2013 season and reviewed the upcoming prospects of the NFL Draft. Basically there was a lot of reviewing... but with colorful pictures. There's some high-quality stuff in here.

Now that you're all caught up, feel free to use this thread as a general open thread for anything draft related you wish to talk about. Got one more mock draft up your sleeve? Have at it.

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