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2014 NFL Draft: Adam Schefter Says Houston "Locked In On Its Player" And "Not Expecting A Trade"

Could the Houston Texans actually take a football player first overall in tonight's draft? Was all the trade talk for naught? Adam Schefter says yes.

Adam Schefter says it's all over.
Adam Schefter says it's all over.

Adam Schefter tweets:

Now, that doesn't mean a trade can't still happen; this could be mere smoke, spewed to get potential trading partners to up their offer(s). Indeed, I would expect the Houston Texans to consider all options up available to them until the last possible moment.

That said, Adam Schefter far more often than not knows of what he speaks. Rick Smith said he knew who he wanted last week, and this would seem to confirm that statement.

Is Jadeveon Clowney, Houston Texan a foregone conclusion?