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2014 NFL Draft Results: Houston Texans Trade With Eagles Back Into Third Round, Draft Louis Nix

The Houston Texans have made a prudent move, trading back into the third round to draft NT Louis Nix. Read on at Battle Red Blog for more coverage on a transaction that should seriously bolster that defensive line.

"That's Cristo....Monte Cristo" - photo credit
"That's Cristo....Monte Cristo" - photo credit
Jonathan Daniel

The selection of Loius Nix is outstanding!  This provides defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel with the space-eating monster needed to ensure J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney can wreak havoc.  Nix will be doing his share of destruction to offenses as well.

Here are the trade details:

Houston Receives:

Round 3, Pick 19 (83rd overall) and selects Louis Nix (NT--Notre Dame)

Philadelphia Receives:

Round 4, Pick 1 (101st overall)

Round 5, Pick 1 (141st overall)

NFL.COM Draft Analysis:

Louis Nix

6' 2"

331 lbs.

33" arm length


Outstanding size. Commands a double team and has two-gap ability. Good quickness off the snap. Has press strength and power to push blockers into the backfield. Shows disruptive ability when his battery is charged. Flashes an arm-over. Redirects well for a big man. Nice pursuit effort. Strong wrap tackler. Scheme versatile.


Can play with better leverage against double teams. Does not dominate single blocking. Needs to improve hand use -- punch impact, counter moves and shed timing. Limited pass-rush value (minimal sack production). Can do a better job protecting his legs -- is not as strong on his pegs as you'd expect and spends too much time on the ground. Conditioning and stamina will have to be monitored -- takes plays off and weight has fluctuated.

Draft Projection

Rounds 1-2 (top 50)

Bottom Line

Despite standing to benefit from a more dominant senior season in South Bend, Nix, who already graduated, opted to forgo his final year of eligibility in order to provide for 13 siblings. He does not enter the NFL with momentum, having coped with knee tendinitis before season-ending surgery to repair a torn left meniscus, and too often his gregarious personality and media hype overshadowed his performance. However, if the massive interior defender taps into his power more consistently, Nix has ample mass, strength and athleticism to anchor a "30" front as a space-eating, block-occupying run stuffer.

Nix also suffered from a fractured foot that kept him from performing at the NFL Combine (which our own Brett Kollmann discussed in amazing depth here). Despite all those setbacks, the newest Texan cheerfully reacted to Houston moving up to draft him in the third round:

The Texans are building for a sustainable core along the trenches.  No more watching our boys getting blown off the line on either side of the ball.  This is going to be a very powerful team where it counts for a long time.