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Houston Texans Offensive Tackle David Quessenberry Diagnosed With Cancer

Sophomore Houston Texans offensive tackle David Quessenberry has been diagnosed with lymphoma, or cancer of the lymph system.


John McClain has delivered some troubling news this Tuesday morning. Second-year Texan David Quessenberry, who missed all of his rookie season while on injured reserve, is now in a battle with cancer.

It is hard to find someone in America who has not been touched by cancer in some way, shape, or form. For every parent, sibling, child, or friend that cancer takes from us, however, many more find a way to overcome this horrible disease. You have to be a fighter to get to the NFL, and David Quessenberry is one hell of a fighter. He can beat this, and we here at BRB will be behind him every step of the way.

Good luck, David.

[UPDATE - 11:00 AM] Quessenberry as well as his representation, REP 1 Sports, have released statements.

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that a member of our REP 1 Family has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Houston Texans 23-year-old offensive lineman, David Quessenberry, will be leaving the game for an extended period of time while he undergoes treatment for Non-Hodgkins T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.

David was diagnosed with the illness last Tuesday. He believed he had been suffering from a chest cold when he experienced shortness of breath at a Texans practice on June 3rd. David was admitted to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston later that day, where he immediately began treatment that evening.

The goal of David's treatment is to cure the disease, so he can return to the life that he has worked so hard to earn. David is extremely positive and determined to win this fight against cancer. Our love for David is strong and we are praying for him and his family during this difficult time. All of your positive thoughts and prayers for David are encouraged and appreciated.