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Houston Texans Will Have Joint Practices With Falcons And Broncos During Training Camp

The Texans won't just be hitting each other during training camp. They'll be hitting Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning, too. Okay, you're right. They won't. But they could, right?

Clowney's comin' for you, Peyton.
Clowney's comin' for you, Peyton.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Lest you think your Houston Texans will only be practicing hitting each other during training camp, I have news for you, courtesy of the team's official site:

The Texans and Falcons will practice together on Wednesday, Aug. 13 and Thursday, Aug. 14, at the Houston Methodist Training Center leading up to their preseason matchup at NRG Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 16.

The team will then travel to Colorado for three joint practices at the Broncos’ facility in Englewood, beginning Tuesday, Aug. 19 and going through Thursday, Aug. 21. On Saturday, Aug. 23, the Texans will play their third preseason game against the Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

It's noteworthy that the Texans and Broncos will practice together in the days leading up to the third game of the preseason, what with that third game being the closest to a dress rehearsal for the regular season as you see during the preseason. Seeing as how the teams will have seen a good bit of each other in practice, could that mean the third preseason game won't be quite as intense as it would have been otherwise?