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Another Reason To Be Proud To Be A Fan Of The Houston Texans

The Texans may be playing for a new coach, but the organization shows they still get it when it comes to interacting with young fans. Read on for the story of Zachary Nettles.

Well done, Coach.
Well done, Coach.
Bob Levey

As longtime readers of BRB know, I will always try to make space for a feel-good story involving your Houston Texans. We read so many negative things about professional athletes and franchises (though, fortunately, not often when it comes to the Texans) that the positive things they do for the community deserve to be discussed as well.

While the Texans are now under a new coaching regime, Bill O'Brien showed that he understands the effect he, through the team, can have on the lives of others. Please read this story by Kara Cook. The gist is that O'Brien made sure 11 year old Zachary Nettles, "the biggest Texans fan in the world," enjoyed a day he'll never forget.

Kudos to the organization, O'Brien, and the players for making this happen. The wretchedness of a 2-14 season aside, it's easy to be a Texans fan.