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Video: Stephen Colbert Rips The Jacksonville Jaguars To Shreds

Political satirist Stephen Colbert aimed his mouth-cannon momentarily at a division rival of ours. Watch the carnage below.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

We'll just file this under #Schaubenfreude, perhaps?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have long had their issues will filling their stadium every week, and it's often drawn speculation from the national media that they might be moved to another city. Their latest efforts got the attention of Stephen Colbert, who couldn't resist... well, just take a look:

Normally, I'd feel bad about laughing at the Jaguars. They've won just 11 games over the past three seasons, all while unironically employing Blaine Gabbert, but dammit, we lost to them last year -- twice -- and that hurt. It still hurts, even. It wasn't supposed to be this way for us, fellow Texans fans. Laughter is the best medicine, though, and Colbert provides plenty of that; him verbally destroying a division rival is just icing on the cake. Do the Titans next, please?

Also, there's this: