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Friday Open Thread: What Is The Worst Call Ever?

No matter what team football fans around the country align with, everyone can agree on one thing - referees were put on this earth to make us angry. Out of all the terrible mishaps we have witnessed in games over the years, which is the absolute worst of the worst?

Greg Fiume

If any of you were watching the opening match of the World Cup yesterday afternoon, you probably were witnesses to the terrible officiating that possibly (probably) turned the game in Brazil’s favor. As the summer doldrums of the NFL crawl on, I got to thinking – what is the worst call by a referee you’ve ever seen in an American football game? Did you share in the outrage as the PAC-12 refs blew yet another game in spectacular fashion?

Were you amazed as Corey Graham miraculously committed a holding penalty despite nobody being within fifteen yards?

Or, while we are on the subject of awful dives, how about this running into the kicker "penalty" from 2008?

Perhaps the two months of replacement ref awfulness still sticks out in your mind.

As good as sports and a cold beer make me feel on a weekend afternoon, nothing brings out uncontrollable rage like a blown call that costs my favorite team a game. It’s as if a piece of my soul were ripped out, spat on, and shoved back in the wrong way. Some refs even have a way of doing boneheaded things without throwing a penalty flag.

I mean…just…come on. Really? The city of Seattle would riot if that happened in today’s NFL. Now that everyone is nice and pissed off, what is your most despised call in football history? Sound off below.