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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (6/14/2014)

There's nothing we can do about the sun. It's the Saturday Night Open Thread on Battle Red Blog.

Peter Macdiarmid

Hope you're having a productive weekend thus far, folks, one that The Party would be proud of. Big Brother is always watching, after all.

Father's Day is tomorrow; any plans? If you're a father, what's your ideal situation tomorrow? How many ties and/or socks do you think you'll be getting as gifts?

The San Antonio Spurs have been destroying the Miami Heat lately and are just one game away from winning another title. If you're a Rockets fan, how does this make you feel? Would you rather cheer for a Texas-based team or is your loyalty strictly to Houston? Or do you genuinely want to see LeBron James win his third ring?

Check out BattleRedFan's FanPost for World Cup goings-on. My mother country of Colombia just beat the snot out of Greece and I feel pretty good about that. However, my misguided loyalty is firmly with the USA. I do ask you to watch this video by John Oliver, who has a new show on HBO.

E3 took place this week. Any games you're looking forward to? I can't believe they're making another Metal Gear Solid, but I'll play it because I lack basic impulse control.

Talk about this or anything else you like, BRB. The floor is yours. Just clean up after you're done.