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Happy Father's Day From Battle Red Blog

If you can't look to Kris Kristofferson for parenting advice, you're missing out. It's Father's Day on BRB. Care to share stories about your father being a dad?

Right on.
Right on.
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sp

You can do a lot worse when it comes to dispensing fatherly advice than Rodney Crowell and Kris Kristofferson did:

I bet Frank Cushing sings an amazing rendition of that song.

May today be a truly outstanding day for you and yours. Whether you're a father, a son, a daughter, or some heretofore unknown combination of the three, make today count. Tell your dad you love him. Or force your children to tell you that they love you by withholding necessities and/or through moderate physical intimidation.

If you want to share a favorite memory about your father or your children, regardless of whether they have something to do with the Texans or football, feel free to do so in the Comments. We've done that the last couple of years (here and here), and I can say without reservation those posts had some of the best comments we've ever had here. Let's see if we can make it three years in a row.