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Texans 2014 Minicamp: Day One Live Blog and Open Thread

Texans Minicamp is here! Follow every nugget of news that comes out of Bill O'Brien's dojo LIVE on BRB!

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Minicamp for your Houston Texans kicks off today, which means we are mere weeks from the start of actual training camp. Last year’s full camp started on July 21st with the Hall of Fame game on august 4th – exactly two weeks of camp before the first "game" of the preseason. With this year’s Hall of Fame game on August 3rd, I would expect Texans camp to start anywhere between July 20th – July 25th. Mark your calendars. For now, however, we turn our eyes to minicamp. Andre Johnson grumpily skipping this mandatory yearly exercise will be the biggest story of the week, but there are a few other major topics to keep an eye on.

1. Who looks better between Case Keenum and T.J. Yates, and which one will get cut before camp next month?

2. Rookie guard Xavier Su’a-Filo graduated this past Friday and will finally be able to focus solely on football for the first time this offseason. How does he look against Death Row?

3. Does everyone make it out of these three days without any major injuries? No whammies, no whammies, no whammies.

4. How is Jadeveon Clowney progressing in his recovery?

5. Is Derek Newton still Derek Newton?

All of these questions and more will hopefully be answered between now and the end of minicamp on June 19th. This post will be updated continuously as more information trickles in from twitter and other outlets, so keep an eye on BRB throughout the day.

[UPDATE - 10:37 AM CT]

[UPDATE - 1:29 PM CT]

[UPDATE - 1:55 PM CT]

Got any news from the twittersphere that we missed? Throw it in the comments and we’ll put it up for all to see.