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Video: Willie McGinest Reports From Texans OTAs, Talks Bill O'Brien, Jadeveon Clowney

As you may already know, former New England Patriots linebacker and current NFL Network analyst, Willie McGinest attended one of the Houston Texans' OTAs last week. McGinest noted that Bill O'Brien has definitely put his imprint on the team teaching new systems and schemes but they still "have a lot of work to do" before the season starts.

On Jadeveon Clowney, McGinest said that a lot of people were "surprised" that Clowney has come along as far as he has so far. McGinest also promised that Clowney will be "all over the place" looking for mismatches in Romeo Crennel's system.

McGinest wasn't just reporting, though; he was seen giving instruction during drills. Hopefully the players absorbed as much information as they could. But this isn't the first former Patriot player the Texans have been exposed to (nor is he the second if you count Mike Vrabel.) Teddy "3 Rings" Johnson, currently a host for Sports Radio 610, came in to speak to the team's incoming rookies earlier this month.

Among many things, Johnson told the rookies to always "be a good teammate."

A) Be a good teammate.

-Be engaging (don’t isolate). If guys are picking on you, it means they care.

B) Your body is your commodity… Invest in it

-Consult with your nutritionist. Ask her to go to the grocery store with you. Don’t hesitate to hire a chef and don’t eat everything at the buffet. You have to change eating habits from college/

C) You must have good practice habits.

-Study…study…study! They don’t wait for you in the NFL. They don’t have special classes for slower learners. Coaches/players don’t have patience with this.

More here.

With all these former Patriots hovering around the Texans, they won't soon shake the "Patriots South" moniker, but if it brings results, we'll take it.

Any thoughts on this from the BRB faithful? Sound off.