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Houston Texans Name Ryan Fitzpatrick Starting QB

In a completely expected move, Bill O'Brien has appointed veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick to be his signal caller of choice going into training camp.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been penciled in as Houston's stopgap solution at starting quarterback since the day he was signed. Today that status was made official per CSN's Dave Zangaro.

Fitzpatrick's claim to fame has always been his intelligence and leadership abilities rather than any sort of athletic prowess, but those traits should serve him well in a Bill O'Brien offense that relies so heavily on football IQ. The extensive professional experience that Fitzpatrick brings to the table far outweighs Tom Savage's golden arm and thickly-built body. The only real question here is what becomes of the other two quarterbacks on Houston's roster - Case Keenum and T.J. Yates. I have a strong feeling that we'll have our answer when one of them gets cut after minicamp.

For the record, I predict that the Case Keenum Express is at its last stop.