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Houston Texans Release Quarterback T.J. Yates

Things are moving along swiftly at the mandatory mini-camp for the Texans. Ryan Fitzpatrick was named the starter, and T.J. Yates has been waived.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

With the announcement earlier today that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans, it was only a matter of time before the depth chart left one of the other three quarterbacks in search of a new place to hold a clipboard for the 2014 season.  Obviously O'Brien doesn't waste a lot of time in making decisions and executing upon them, as he has sent T.J. Yates packing to start the waiver process.

As he heads north to Castle Black, or perhaps even Baltimore, may we always fondly remember that he was the first Houston Texans' quarterback to win a playoff game in franchise history:


Please use this thread to say your farewells to T.J. Yates, as another piece of recent Texans history is chipped away as we march forward into this next era.

[UPDATE]: About that whole T.J. got released thing...looks like it wasn't exactly true.