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What Should Texans Fans Expect From Akeem Dent?

If you don't watch the Atlanta Falcons regularly, you probably don't know much about the player the Texans acquired for T.J. Yates. See what a Falcons fan has to say about the Texans' newest linebacker.

The new No. 52 in Houston may resemble the old No. 52 in Houston.
The new No. 52 in Houston may resemble the old No. 52 in Houston.

As I mentioned in this post last night, I don't pretend to know anything about the newest member of your Houston Texans. You know who does know a thing or two about Akeem Dent, though? Our friend Dave Choate over at The Falcoholic. I asked Dave what he thought the Texans were getting in Dent, and this was the meat of his reply:

Dent's a pretty classic thumper. He's got decent speed for an ILB and can rush the passer a little, but he doesn't do anything well enough to be an above average starter. The good news is that he's young and hugely valuable on special teams, so he should be a useful reserve for you guys.

Sounds a bit reminiscent of a player released by the Texans in the middle of last season, doesn't it? Interestingly, the Falcons signed that very player yesterday. I'm speaking, of course, of linebacker-turned-carpenter Bob Vila Tim Dobbins. Thus, it would appear that the Texans acquired a younger, cheaper version of Tim Dobbins who doesn't dabble in home remodeling during OTAs in exchange for T.J. Yates. Dent even wears No. 52, just like Dobbins did in Houston.

How's that sound to you?