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David Quessenberry Speaks After Seeing His Teammates At Houston Texans Mini-Camp

The Texans' offensive lineman was diagnosed with lymphoma last week. After quite possibly seeing his teammates for the first time since then, see what David Quessenberry had to say about the visit, his spirits, and his fight.

No. 77 is going to beat this thing.
No. 77 is going to beat this thing.
Bob Levey

As Corzo noted here, Houston Texans offensive lineman David Quessenberry stopped by mini-camp yesterday. This may well have been the first time Quessenberry saw his teammates since he was diagnosed with lymphoma last week. After practice, DQ spoke with Fox 26's Mark Berman. Berman has the complete story here; I've pulled a few of Quessenberry's quotes for your immediate review below.

"I would say being around the team felt right today," Quessenberry said in a text message to FOX 26 Sports. "I could feel everyone's support and love. I really enjoyed being out there today with the fellas and it was a great day to be out there.

Quessenberry spoke briefly to the team telling his teammates he is going to win his battle with cancer.

"All in all being back on the field got me back to a sense of normalcy that I had been accustomed to," Quessenberry said. "I was thrown for a loop when I got diagnosed with cancer, but days like today make me feel better bout my fight and allow me to still count my many blessings."

As Jonathan Fosburgh said in the comments to Corzo's post, it's time to get QUESSTRONG. Send all the good wishes you can muster toward Quessenberry and his family as they work together to beat this insidious disease.