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DeAndre Hopkins: From 90 Targets In 2013 To 90 Receptions In 2014?

One analyst thinks it could happen. Read on to see what Rivers McCown of Football Outsiders thinks DeAndre Hopkins is ready to make the leap in Year Two.

Scott Halleran

Rivers McCown, formerly and always of Battle Red Blog yet also more importantly currently of the far more impressive Football Outsiders, dedicated this week's "Factors" column to Houston Texans wideout DeAndre Hopkins. In that piece (which you can read in its entirety here), Rivers breaks down Hopkins' 2013 season, including Nuk's puzzling lack of usage in Gary Kubiak's offense after Week Two, and looks ahead to what we can expect from the Texans' 2013 first round pick in 2014. Rivers' observations and conclusions are well worth your time, especially since the analysis ends with this:

But here's one more entry into the land of Hot Takes: Hopkins is going to go from 90 targets in 2013 to catching 90 balls in 2014.

How's THAT for a tease?