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Houston Texans Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar Reveal Incoming

There'll be a live event with the Houston Texans Cheerleaders revealing their latest calendar. Also give us your thoughts on the Houston Texans Grille.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Edit 10/27/14: Because this post keeps getting hits, I've included something for you to actually look at instead of an outdated post about a calendar that was already revealed. Enjoy. -- Corzo

I like cheerleaders. I'm pretty sure you like cheerleaders as well, or at least know someone who does. That's why I thought you'd appreciate me passing this information along from the Texans' official website.


If you want to buy tickets, go here. I think this is a pretty decent way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or at least get a sweet gift for the Texans' bro-dude in your life. Also check out the calendar music video they released.

On a related note, has anyone actually been to the Houston Texans Grille? I have not yet had the pleasure, but I'm very interested in checking it out. It's a bit of a drive from deep northwest Houston; is it worth it? An inquiring mind wants to know, so have at it in the Comments. Happy Tuesday.