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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (6/28/2014)

Corzo dropped the SNOT ball edition. Heh. /Barry'd

Why did I pick this photo?  I have no freaking clue aside from Eugene Wilson.
Why did I pick this photo? I have no freaking clue aside from Eugene Wilson.
Bob Levey

Hi, I'm bfd, and you might remember me from shows such as "Battle Red Radio" and "Honk if You're Horny."  I'm here today because Corzo was supposed to do the SNOT this evening, but something something Columbia something splat.  I think.  So Tim volunteered me to write the SNOT tonight because, let's face it, I'm as worthless as Eugene Wilson these days.

Technically, Tim took away my key to the BRB Blogging House a couple weeks ago, but I left a window open in the basement I can sneak into.  Last night, I found his stash of beer hidden under a couple Amobi Okoye jerseys and did the only appropriate thing on can do with Curs Light: I watered the garden with it.

My dad, wife, and, to a much lesser extent, I built a chicken coop in the backyard, and it's currently got 12 baby peckers in it.  I call them peckers, right?  We'll lose about half of those peckers because of that whole male/female sex thing, but I'm looking forward to fresh eggs soon.  My ghost pepper plant is going berserk in the not scorching weather, and I'm excited about a summer of pain.

How's youse guys doin'?

Usual open thread rules apply.  Please discontinue use in case of rash, impotence, or botulism.  Will almost definitely cause explosive diarrhea and fitful laughing.